Forbes. Fantastic-fest-2021-in-black-comedy-silent-night-may-all-their-christmases-be-blight Silent Night is an exceptional outing for writer-director Camille Griffin. It exhibits confidence that skill that you wouldn’t expect from a debut feature. 

Flickfilosopher 2021/12/silent-night-movie-review-house-party-at-the-end-of-the-world ‘Where Griffin leaves us is beyond haunting, and captures the vicious conflation of hope and despair that inevitably comes from contemplating the violence we are perpetrating on ourselves and our home’

Deadline 2021/09/silent-night-toronto-film-festival-review ‘A real keeper that’ll have you talking.’

Bloody-disgusting.tiff-review-silent-night-hides-grim-tragedy-within-awkward-christmas-comedy Tenderness keeps the tragedy from swallowing this narrative whole and a light that counters the heavily flawed but endearing characters. That’s important because Griffin also isn’t afraid to get unflinchingly blunt and brutal. A thoughtful and clever film that adeptly interweaves levity and melancholy.’

Exclaim.tiff_review_silent_night_is_neither_calm_nor_bright Silent Night is black comedy at its finest. ‘ Camille Griffin is able to weave everything together smoothly in a tale that will resonate with audiences.’ ‘Silent Night balances the eccentricities of a Christmas get-together with nihilistic acceptance of certain doom, making for a film that’s both bleak and dryly funny.’ That’s why the supposed peace of Silent Night will be interrupted by as many tears as laughs.’

Quietearth-tiff2021-silent-night-review Griffin’s script is a thing of beauty, a darkly hilarious bit of storytelling that captures the best and worst of humanity in a tiny capsule.’

Screenanarchy:2021/12/review-silent-night Wonderfully potent writing from Camille Griffin and a knockout performance from Roman Griffin Davis make Silent Night a colossally successful film about a cataclysmically comical Christmas.